Azusa PD Assists Nebraska PD With Fugitive/Child Abduction Arrest

Azusa PD Assists Nebraska PD With Fugitive/Child Abduction Arrest

Ramos is apprehended and her child is safe

When Monique Marie Ramos fled from Nebraska on March 10 with her four-year-old daughter, Azusa PD got a call to join the rescue mission. Watch Commander Sgt. Robert Chivas reported that Azusa PD immediately “acted as Nebraska’s agent” for the operation.

Captain Robert Farber of Lincoln, NE Police Department reported, “The child had been living with her biological father/physical custodian, who has ties to the Lincoln community. Ramos fled during a court-ordered visitation. This is quite unusual in our community.”

4.19.16 Monique Ramos and child photos

He noted that authorities were additionally concerned. “When she didn’t follow through, it became a concern for the child and the mom’s welfare. Once doing that, juvenile court entered into the equation on January 13th. The investigation started January 20th, with reports from possible different locations — Las Vegas, NV, etc., — a lot of info came in. There was no Amber Alert, as there was no stranger abduction. Ramos was posted on the national database for law enforcement, listed as a missing person who may be with this child, with a concern that Ramos had past factors. She could have been a danger to herself and others.”

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Azusa PD’s surveillance safely located both parties through classic surveillance – unmarked cars or adjacent buildings.

Farber reported, “Azusa PD lodged her on felony warrant and multiple misdemeanors, including two theft, traffic offenses and felony possession of a control substance. Everything went very well; Azusa PD was very helpful – this is one of those success stories. ‘On the run’ is a tough way to live.”

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