Student Arrested for Making Criminal Threats

Student Arrested for Making Criminal Threats

The San Luis Obispo Police have arrested a SLO High School student last Friday for allegedly making threatening statements and posting threatening photos on Facebook.

According to the SLO Police Resource Officer (SRO), the SLO Probation Department made a contact and gave information regarding threatening statements and photos posted on Facebook.

The SRO reviewed the information, which included a photo depicting a male SLO High School student dressed in a trench coat, holding what appeared to be a weapon similar to a Mac 10 machine gun and a handgun in his waistband.

According to the SRO, all the weapons pictured in the Facebook posts appeared to be real guns.

Included in the pictures was a written “Columbine of Duty 2”. Another picture depicted the side of AR-15 rifle with the selector lever pointing toward semi-auto that stated “Don’t come to school tomorrow.” Additionally there were comments under the post that stated, “if ur gonna shoot up the school just do it already” with the student stating “Fu** you… I’ll do it when im ready”.

After reviewing this information the SRO immediately contacted high school administrators to inform them of the Facebook posts he received.

School administrators confirmed the student who posted the images and was pictured holding the weapons was currently at school.

Officers responded to the high school and along with school administrators, removed the student from his class and the campus. During the investigation the suspect admitted to posting the information.

A search of the student’s residence revealed many of the weapons pictured were actually Air-Soft guns, which are replica firearms that fire plastic BBs.

In addition to the Air-Soft guns several real guns were located and seized for safe keeping. The student was arrested for making criminal threats and was taken to the San Luis Obispo County Juvenile Services Center and booked into custody. The student’s anme is withheld due to his age.

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