Car theft ends with home burglary in Los Gatos

Car theft ends with home burglary in Los Gatos

Roxbury Lane

LOS GATOS — On April 28, 2015, 22-year-old Omar Gomez entered a home located at 515 Roxbury lane in Los Gatos. It was here that Gomez stole a ’97 Honda CRV and a ’97 Honda Civic. He was also alleged to have committed burglary; evidence at the scene revealed that Gomez had gone through several drawers and cabinets in the home, dropping paper and jewelry as he exited the residence.

The victim had reported that her vehicle had been stolen from Valley Fair Mall and had requested that the neighbor call to report the theft and possible burglary of her home while she was delayed.

When Los Gatos/Monte Sereno Police arrived at the residence, the garage door was open and it appeared that Gomez had been there, but had taken a second vehicle to escape.

During the investigation that followed, two neighbors had video surveillance and would be able to help police identify any persons thought to have been seen entering or leaving the area during the time of the burglary. The victim was also able to identify objects that were stolen and items that were misplaced. Potential evidence such as DNA and finger prints were discovered.

On May 10, the Santa Clara Police Department checked on an abandoned vehicle in the Safeway parking lot. It was soon discovered this was the getaway car from the Los Gatos home burglary. There was no damage to the car but it appeared that Gomez had taken everything out of the glove box, along with other items, and scattered them about the car.

Other surveillance was taken of an individual leaving the vehicle and then walking into the store before appearing to leave the parking lot in the stolen car. A flyer of the suspect was provided for the police to help possibly identify him.

On September 11, Los Gatos investigators were able to detain Gomez and interviewed him about the burglary. Gomez told the investigators, “He did not know anything about a burglary at a house where two cars were taken.”

But as the interview continued, Gomez admitted to the burglary and said he “felt bad after doing the burglary but that all the property is gone.” Gomez was then booked on three charges — for home burglary, car theft, and possession of a stolen car.

The next court date for Gomez has been scheduled for December 23, 2015 at 9:00 AM in Dept 33.

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