Officer struck by stolen vehicle fires at female suspect

SAN JOSE – On March 26, 2013, 24-year-old Samuel James Rose and 31-year-old Robin Rebecca Fillie had stolen a 1995 Honda Civic under PC1085 (a)/666.5. Charges were also filed stemming from an assault on a peace officer under PC 245(c)/245(a)(1), by means of a car.  The duo was also responsible for other Felony Auto Thefts under PC 10851 in which Rose and Fillie had served a prior prison time for the offense.

Robin Fillie, 31

According to the San Jose supplemental report, “the San Jose Police Department was summoned to the 1000 block of Willow Glen Way to complete a stolen vehicle investigation.” During the course of the investigation, more officers were dispatched to 1851 Almaden Road to investigate an occupied stolen vehicle. An individual had contacted the department to report that they had identified their mother-in-law’s stolen vehicle occupied by two individuals that he did not recognize. The vehicle was parked in the driveway located at 1863 A Almaden Road.

While staying on the line with SJPD 9-1-1 dispatchers, Rose and the victim got into a verbal altercation about her and Fillie stealing his mother-in-law’s vehicle. The neighbor in the apartment next door to Rose and Fille began to tell the victim to move his vehicle, and tried to move their truck so they could exit the parking area. However the truck didn’t start and Rose began to push the pick-up truck in order to try and escape in the stolen vehicle.

driveway of incident

Officers Nelms and Laundrie responded to the scene in which they ordered both occupants out of the vehicle at gunpoint. According to the report by Officer Nelms, “Fillie put the vehicle in reverse and drove backwards (Westbound) away from officers. Then, she began to drive at a high rate of speed towards the entrance of the driveway in which she had caused a “Head on collision directly into the SUV blocking her exit.” Officer Nelms began approaching the vehicle from the passenger side, she then reversed the car and knocked Officer Nelms into the truck bed of the grey pick-up Rose had tried to move away from the entrance.

Samuel Rose, 23

According to Officer Nelms, “He had discharged his duty weapon five (5) times directly at Fillie.” Rose was treated for a minor graze wound to the thumb. Fillie was transported to Valley Medical Center for non-life threatening gunshot wounds. Lucy, Fillie’s mother said, “Fillie had been shot several times in her left thigh.”

Place of Interest

Witnesses at the scene saw Fillie drive towards the suspect hitting the SUV. Others heard gun-fire and sought refuge in their homes. Nelms was struck on the left side after Fillie had backed up and started to drive forward again as Nelms recovered himself. He believed that the driver was going to try and ram the SUV again, causing serious injury or harm to the driver, which is when he fired several rounds into that side of the vehicle. When officer Nelms tried to recover from being knocked down, he pulled his service revolver and fired several shots at the suspect as she tried to accelerate forward into the SUV that was blocking her escape.

Fillie and Rose are currently being held in the Santa Clara County Jail since the incidence in March of this year.

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