Gun tossing burglary suspects believed they were invisible to the law

SANTA CLARA -Sergeant Derek Rush with the Santa Clara Police Dept reported, “On Wednesday, July 24th, 2013 at 03:38 in the morning, the Santa Clara Police Department responded to a burglary alarm at Reed’s Indoor Range located at 1100 Duane Avenue.” Reed’s in an indoor shooting range that also carries firearms for sale or rent.

Reed's Indoor Range

Responding officers to the area saw three occupants in a vehicle driving from the scene. they followed the vehicle with three occupants, later identified as 28-year-old Jorel Moreno, 26-year-old Marcus Moreno and 39-year-old Tina Marie Guzman.

Each suspect is being charged for Second Degree Burglary under PC 459. The suspects were also charged with PC 148 – 148 (A) (1), resisting an officer during a possible arrest considered a misdemeanor, PC 182, for conspiracy to commit a crime, and PC 466, possession of burglary tools.

Rush said, “The driver, later identified as Tina Marie Guzman, was arrested when the vehicle stopped near Aldo Avenue.” The two passengers Jorel and Marcus tried to run from the scene.

Tina Guzman, Jorel Moreno, and Marcus Moreno

The suspects were in a dark blue 2008 Honda Fit, which was seen in the area of the alarm by approaching Santa Clara patrolling officers who were responding to a silent alarm, apparently triggered by the suspects. The suspects had first tried to enter the business by breaking through a thick wire meshed plate glass window. Trying another window, they were able to break through the glass and entered the business. Once inside, the suspects were able to steal several hand guns and rifles from Reed’s Indoor Range.

According to the press release, “As officers followed the vehicle onto Lafayette Street, the occupants threw several firearms through the fleeing vehicle windows.” Santa Clara Police Officers who had been dispatched to the area were able to catch up with the trio and apprehended all three.

The suspects have been arraigned and were released under PC 12022.1(A)(1), for a felony offense for which a person has been released from custody on bail or on his or her own recognizance prior to sentencing.

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