Surveillance Pays Off For SMCVSC

Surveillance Pays Off For SMCVSC

Oak Park area of Greenfield

GREENFIELD — Surveillance paid off for the Southern Monterey County Violence Suppression Collaboration (SMCVSC)  upon the discovery of a loaded handgun and a number of drugs in the possession of two wanted felons.  Authorities arrested 42-year-old Alfonzo Hernandez Rodriguez and 47-year-old Daniel Zavala, both of Soledad.

Authorities were conducting surveillance on two wanted suspects for several arrest warrants — both at a residence in the Oak Park division of Greenfield and the 100 block of Buena Vista Road in Soledad. They decided to make contact as the two were leaving the Oak Park area of Greenfield.  After pulling them over, authorities discovered open alcohol containers, US currency, and over an ounce of crystal methamphetamine.

Consent was given to a search of one of the suspects’ homes in Soledad which yielded an additional 1 ½ ounces of crystal meth.  Three ounces of marijuana and a loaded .38 caliber revolver were also seized.  The suspect in question tried to provide a false name to authorities.

Alfonzo Hernandez Rodriguez was arrested on existing warrants along with new firearm and drug charges. Daniel Zavala was arrested on pending arrest warrants.  In total, authorities seized two and a half ounces of meth, three ounces of marijuana, a loaded firearm, ammunition, methamphetamine sales paraphernalia, meth pipes, and $1,500 USD.

Anyone with information on criminal activity occurring anywhere in the Monterey County area is encouraged to contact SMCVSC Sgt. Brian Pickens at (408) 422 – 5197 or Deputy Nicolas Kennedy at (805) 391 – 1162.

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