Mistaken identity leads to arrest of serial burglar

SALINAS—Authorities from the Salinas Police Department arrested Maximino Gomez, 24, of Salinas while he attempted to burglarize the Salinas Adult School at the 100 block of Sherwood Drive on June 2.  Or did they?

Maximino Gomez or Hugo Duran - or both?

The subsequent days that followed, Officers also arrested Hugo Duran, 24, also from Salinas for three other business burglaries in the City of Salinas.  After comparing photos it was speculated that Maximino Gomez might be Hugo Duran.

Since Duran was still in custody, the Salinas Police contacted him at the Monterey County Jail.  At the conclusion of the meeting Duran was booked for an additional 10 counts of Burglary along with one count of attempted burglary and a probation violation.

Along with the photo line-up authorities used fingerprint evidence that was found at the scene of the other three business burglaries to confirm that Maximino Gomez was really Hugo Duran.

This type of teamwork between Officers in the same department proved to be very valuable for the department as they were able to solve 10 individual business burglaries.  “This was quite significant for our department to be able to solve this many burglaries cases at one time.” Salinas Police Commander Terry Gerhardstein said.

The Salinas Police department believes that the property from these burglaries has been sold to unknown people at local 24 hours establishments that Duran is known to have frequented.

This case is still active and the Salinas Police would like anyone with information about Duran can call the police at their tip-line at 831-758-7273.

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