Suspects face multiple residential burglary charges

Suspects face multiple residential burglary charges

Pablo Cabrera Jr. – booking photo released by Milpitas Police

SAN JOSE – On November 28, 2014, 23-year-old Pablo Cabrera Jr. was arrested in San Jose after reports of several residential break-ins linked to the suspect. According to Santa Clara County court records, Pablo is facing three charges of residential burglary, while his brother, 25-year-old Elpidio Cabrera, has been charged with one count of residential burglary under PC 459-460(a) for joining his brother in at least one of the burglaries. They were both arrested at their home on Sassafras Drive at 1:47 that afternoon.

During the residential burglary that occurred in November, a witness watched as Pablo drove away from the area. The witness was able to call police and describe to them the license plate, as well as the color of the getaway car. Police located the vehicle near the suspect’s residence. A preliminary search revealed that there was suspected stolen property inside. The witness reported watching the suspects leave from the victim’s garage door. Security at The Woods apartment complex also noted that there was a window that Cabrera had apparently broken in order to enter the apartment.

The Cabrera brothers live at an apartment on Sassafras off Cedro Street.

The Cabrera brothers live at an apartment on Sassafras Drive off Cedro Street.

Investigators said that when confronted about why he was at the residence, Pablo Cabrera told them “A friend asked him to drive to the apartment.” He also told them “no one was inside the apartment and that he was going to take the TV.” Pablo told investigators that during the initial time of the burglary he drove his brother’s car, but that his brother was not with him. Pablo told them “his friend exited the residence with jackets and bags.”

In addition to this incident, the Cabrera brothers have kept Santa Clara County law enforcement busy, both before and after the burglary. Records show that Pablo was arrested on November 19, 2013 just after 9 am by Morgan Hill police for running a red light, and was then found to have a suspended license, no car insurance, and a windshield violation. He also resisted arrest. He failed to appear in court as ordered, and a warrant was issued, for which he was arrested on April 2, 2014. San Jose police arrested him on another warrant for a DUI and suspended license on November 8, three weeks before he and his bother were arrested for burglary.

This year, on January 30, Milpitas police investigated a burglary on Lassen Avenue that occurred while the residents were away. A witness saw two people and an older model white car near the home. Fingerprints were collected, and detectives found a match with Pablo Cabrera, and a warrant was issued. On March 12, he was picked up by San Jose police on the outstanding burglary warrant. Released on bail with a new court date, he was arrested less than two weeks later, on March 24, for possession and transportation of marijuana for sales, possession of stolen property, and committing a felony while on bail. Just four days later, somehow still out on the streets, he was arrested by San Jose police for reckless driving, driving with a suspended license, possession and transportation of a controlled substance for sales, and bringing a controlled substance into the jail.

He was finally arrested on Saturday, July 18 for a large collection of outstanding warrants – for two counts of first degree burglary, sales, possession and transportation of controlled substances and bringing them to jail, resisting or obstructing an officer, and driving with a suspended license. When pulled over on Capitol Expressway at McLaughlin Avenue, he apparently tried to convince the officer he was someone else, and was also charged with false personation of another. Pablo Cabrera is currently being held at the Milpitas, Elmwood Men’s Facility on a $388,000 felony warrant.

The older of the bothers, Elpidio Cabrera, also has several arrests on record, though not as many as Pablo. On August 5, 2014, he and Albert Urbina Rodriguez, 22, were arrested by San Jose police for first degree felony burglary and criminal conspiracy. They were captured at a home on Juneberry Court in the Berry Park area of South San Jose at 5:30 in the afternoon. Two months later, on October 12, Elpidio Cabrera was arrested by  San Jose area CHP for driving under the influence. Less than a month after that, the CHP arrested him again. On November 6, 2014, he was charged with hit and run, driving under the influence, using or being under the influence of a controlled substance, possession of concentrated cannabis, and driving with a suspended license. That was just 3 weeks before he and Pablo were arrested for the burglary.

Since then, he was arrested again on December 28, 2014 for outstanding warrants related to his arrest for driving under the influence, on a suspended license, and while possessing concentrated cannabis. He was pulled over by San Jose police on San Jose Avenue at Monterey Road. The CHP reported arresting him once again, in April of this year, for resisting or obstructing an officer. Details of that incident were not available.

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