Sheriff’s Airship “Duke” Assists in Catching Two Burglary Suspects

Sheriff’s Airship “Duke” Assists in Catching Two Burglary Suspects

An example of the significant improvement that the airship tracking method has had in arresting criminals was on display this past week in Santa Ana.

On Monday, August 31, a resident noticed a suspicious male knock on his neighbor’s door on the 3000 block of South Griset Place. A few moments later, after receiving no answer, the man went around to the neighbor’s side yard, to the end of the residence, and then disappeared from view.

Responding officers requested the Orange County’s Airship “Duke”- the Sheriff’s Department helicopter – to help track the suspect. Witnesses provided deputies with a description of the suspect, and he was located in the yard of the residence by Duke, near where two window screens had been removed. The suspect noticed the aircraft and fled the residence almost instantly. A car parked nearby, with a driver already in it, took off with the suspect inside

The department’s helicopter, named “Duke”, is equipped with high tech HD infrared and video cameras, moving maps, DVD recorders, and high powered lighting equipment, and is used to support ground officers with valuable tactical information.

Screen shot from video of Duke's pursuit

Screen shot from video of Duke’s pursuit

The vehicle drove off as Duke continued to follow the two suspects. The male suspect soon exited the car and started running toward an apartment complex on the northeast corner of Fairview and Segerstrom. The video shows him running all over the place in an attempt to lose Duke. Soon after the chase, deputies surrounded the area and apprehended the suspect, who fought off his arrest. Police then tasered him and took him into custody.

The suspect was identified as Stephone Jawonn Fellows, 27, and his counterpart driving the vehicle was identified as Bianca Renee McNair, 25.

After further investigation, it was determined that the male suspect had forced his way into the garage of the residence, but apparently the Duke Aircraft came just in time to interrupt the crime.

Fellows was charged with burglary, conspiracy to commit  a crime, and resisting a peace officer. McNair was charged with burglary and conspiracy to commit a crime. No further information has been released.

View the”Duke” Aircraft chase footage: Santa Ana “Duke” Aircraft Chase Footage

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