Sexual assault suspect who escaped from custody is now facing a jury of his peers

Sexual assault suspect who escaped from custody is now facing a jury of his peers

Update: Having to not only face down her assailant, 43-year-old Johnell Lee Carter, a young female victim had to be grown-up enough to take the stand in Dept 34 in the San Jose Hall of Justice in a trial this week describing how she was sexually assaulted by the suspect.

The victim took the stand for two days, detailing in front of family and the public how Carter had sexually assaulted her. In a harrowing battle with her unbearable secret, she was finally able to talk about how she had told her mother about the unwanted sexual acts committed by Carter. A fight between the girl’s mother and the Carter had finally escalated to an end, which gave the under 14-year-old girl enough courage to tell her mother about the sexual assault.

Carter is also facing charges from his managing to escape from a Santa Clara County’s Deputy Sheriff during a scheduled doctor’s visit while he was awaiting trial. Carter was finally located in Gulfport, Mississippi where he had reconnected with his brother’s wife in order to avoid prosecution. Carter’s brother Joseph was also arrested for helping him escape by buying him a bus ticket to Mississippi. Johnell Carter was arrested there and extradited back to Santa Clara County to face charges of child molestation, as well as absconding from custody and the assault on a Santa Clara County Deputy Sheriff.

"Bikers Against Child Abuse" was a big supporter of the victim of Johnell Carter

“Bikers Against Child Abuse” was a big supporter of the victim of Johnell Carter (Photo: Amy Nilson)

Support from family, members of the public, and the Silicon Valley Chapter of “Bikers Against Child Abuse” were present to help support the victim. The President of the Silicon Valley Chapter, Brian Telles said “We are here to protect the child. That is what we do.” The Silicon Valley Chapter does not seek out victims, but is referred to cases regarding verbal, mental, physical and/or sexual abuse. Telles said, “We follow up on cases where the parents, District Attorney, case worker, or any person that has to do with the case calls us.”

Both men and women work directly with victims and their parents. Telles believes that with help from law enforcement, they can make a difference by being advocates for the rights of the victims and helping them stand up against their abuser. “We want the victims to know it is not their fault,” Telles said.

Joe Hatchie, who has been a member with the Silicon Valley Chapter for more than 3 years said, “We try to make these kids feel safe to let them know that you don’t have to worry about their abuser.”

Before the Chapter agrees to support a known victim, the information provided to them about the case is strongly vetted. There are five board members of the club that will review the incident and direct leaders within the 30 member group on how to build a support network for the victim. Hatchie, who is also known as “Grinder” said, “We are all parents.” With support throughout the chapter the goal is to empower the child. Hatchie added “If anything we are here to support the child.”

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