Update: Homicide suspect surrenders to police

SAN JOSE – A man who shot his relative dead during a house party turned himself in at the San Jose Administration building located at 201 S. Mission Street in San Jose.

Louie Garza was wanted for over 2 months before he surrendered

According to fugitive watch reporters, 55-year-old Louie Garza turned himself in to San Jose police Wednesday, July 24, 2013. He was booked into the Santa Clara Main Jail on Felony Murder under PC 187 after successfully evading police for more than two months. Sergeant Jason Dwyer with the San Jose Police Department said, “Suspect Louie Garza walked into the Information Center at the San Jose Police Department and self-surrendered.”

51-year-old Carmen Martinez Acevedo was being held on $100,000 bail warrant under PC 32 for assisting in the escape of Garza after the deadly attack, however she was released after posting bail. The felony complaint filed against Martinez alleges that she willfully participated in helping Garza evade officers after he had shot 46-year-old Ralph Gomez in the head during an argument at his home near the 2900 block of Westboro Drive in San Jose.

In a photo released by police when Garza was wanted, his tattoos are displayed

A felony complaint filed by the Santa Clara District Attorney’s office also reveals that Garza was convicted for two violent felony convictions under PC 664/211 – attempted robbery – and PC 245 – assault with a deadly weapon. SJPD Homicide detectives investigating the case believe that the suspects could possibly intimidate, and or threaten possible witnesses at the scene in order to help hide evidence of their wrongdoing. The crime of accessory after the fact was charged against Martinez on May 9, just one day after she drove away from the scene with Garza in the passenger seat, just minutes after the shooting took place.

The murder in May happened at a family gathering in this San Jose neighborhood.

San Jose Police arrested Martinez after a family member remembered seeing her drive away after hearing arguing, and then a single gunshot fired in the residence. Both Martinez and Garza are scheduled to appear in court on August 5, 2013 at 9:00 am in Dept. 39.

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