RATTIF agents locate nest of auto thieves in San Jose

RATTIF agents locate nest of auto thieves in San Jose

22-year-old Irving Organez was sentenced for an incident that occurred on Thursday, April 23, when he was found driving a stolen vehicle, a violation under VC 10851(a)/666.5.

According to court records Organez was booked on $50,000 bail, and is currently being housed in Milpitas at the Men’s Elmwood Jail facility. The next court date has been scheduled for July 17, 2015 at 9:00 AM in Dept 34.

Crime Scene photos booked as evidence in Organez's arrest.

Crime Scene photos booked as evidence in Organez’s arrest.

On April 23 Organez was caught driving a 1996 Dodge Ram he had stolen out of San Jose. He has also been charged with two priors for stealing several vehicles in Santa Clara County. Records show he was arrested by San Jose Police on April 23 last year for stealing a vehicle, possession of burglary tools, and driving that vehicle without a license.

That was followed by an arrest by the Santa Clara Sheriff’s Department on January 19 of this year for stealing a vehicle, possessing stolen property, marijuana and drug paraphernalia, giving false information to an officer, and outstanding warrants for the previous offenses. His brother Franky was also arrested in the incident, in which a Los Altos resident called the Sheriff’s office when the two knocked at his door, asking for gas. They were suspected of casing the home for a burglary.

According to the Los Altos Town Crier, Irving was arrested then on outstanding warrants, but Franky fled, and was caught the next day after he went into a dental office at 6:30 in the morning, asking for directions, making himself a cup of coffee, and wanting to use the phone. The dentist called police, and he was arrested on several warrants.

In his latest arrest, Irving Organez was seen with another individual walking around two stolen trucks they had parked at a residence at 2115 Tehama Way in San Jose. The home is in walking distance to an elementary, middle and high school, along with the Reid-Hillview Airport. RATTIF was alerted to the area, where they located Organez and a second suspect loading and unloading items from a stolen Ford F250 truck from Pleasanton, and the Dodge Ram that was suspected to have been stolen from Modesto.

RATTIF Agents followed Organez as he drove in the stolen truck towards Story Road, when the truck stalled. The agents watched as he stepped out into the street. That is when they parked and took Organez into custody. When asked about the incident, agents said Organez told them “He knew the truck was stolen and was just in jail for auto theft.”  When agents looked inside the truck they found a pair of pliers with a shaved key thought to have been used to start the truck.

It was learned that the truck had been parked in front of the owners’ house with a for sale sign on it. The man had parked it there for some time, when he realized after coming home from work that the truck had been stolen, and reported it to the police. The owner told RATTIF Agents that Organez at no time had permission to drive the truck.

Agents are intent in finding the second suspect and arresting him for several unsolved stolen vehicle cases that have been reported in the area. Franky Organez may be the prime suspect based on their history. Both he and Irving live about a mile and a half from where the suspects were seen, across Story Road in East San Jose.

Irving Organez is expected to serve two years in Santa Clara County Jail for a potential four year sentence with 2 years suspended for good behavior.

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