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Santa Clara

Gilroy car theft suspect found in San Jose

Warming up a car before driving is generally considered unnecessary, and puts it at risk for theft. The San Jose Police Department is trying to warn residents about warm-up car

Santa Clara

Out of control suspects who refuse to cooperate with law enforcement face long term prison senteces

Wayne parked in this area when officers made a high risk felony stop and arrested him 37-year-old James Wayne faces three felony counts for vehicle theft, possession of stolen property

Santa Clara

Serial Car Theft Suspect Awaiting Sentencing Released on Own Recognizance

43-year-old Martin Robert Bracamonte was arrested for felony vehicle theft with a prior under penal codes 10851(a)/666.5. Bracamonte is accused of stealing a 1997 Honda Accord. On Friday, September 4 during

Santa Clara

Failure to pay VTA train fee by violent criminal leads to third strike

26-year-old Jimmy Miranda Jr. was arrested on Saturday, August 1, for more than 12 misdemeanor and felony counts. Miranda had failed to obey officers at a light rail station, where

Santa Clara

RATTIF agents locate nest of auto thieves in San Jose

22-year-old Irving Organez was sentenced for an incident that occurred on Thursday, April 23, when he was found driving a stolen vehicle, a violation under VC 10851(a)/666.5. According to court


Car thefts in San Jose increasing

MILPITAS – As more and more stolen cars are reported missing, the number of arrests for persons caught driving these stolen vehicles is also increasing. The Milpitas Police Department is

Santa Clara

Carjacking suspect out of San Jose found in Napa County

SAN JOSE – 21-year-old Kevin Matthew Kellogg was arrested on May 7 under a $200,000 bail warrant for the charge of PC 215, carjacking. On Thursday, January 29 at around 3:00

Santa Clara

Car thief skips on bail

24-year-old Jorge Nogueda faces charges under PC 466 (a), misdemeanor possession of burglary tools, and VC 10851(a), felony car theft. A notice of bail forfeiture by the Seaview Insurance Company,

Santa Clara

RATTF authorities patroling your neighborhood to see if you have been naughty or nice this year

18-year-old Christian Bejar was arrested for two violations under VC 10851 (a) 666.5 Vehicle theft with a prior conviction. Vehicle theft is quite often under looked by the courts as