Grand Theft Shenanigans

Grand Theft Shenanigans

LOS ANGELES Last month, 36-year-old Yesenia Oquendo of La Puente got pinched for grand theft in stealing insurance premium payments. As of yesterday, she’s been ordered to pay restitution, serve 40 days community labor, and will be on probation for the next three years.

During her time as a licensed broker in 2012, Oquendo allegedly accepted insurance payments from several clients, which she then used for personal expenses rather than passing on to insurance companies. To cover her tracks, she issued false documents to her clients, leading them to believe their coverage was being maintained.

After numerous complaints from clients of her employer, the Department of Insurance opened an investigation. Oquendo’s insurance license has not been renewed since its expiration in 2012.

This story and the information herein is based on the official press release by the California Department of Insurance.

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