You “Wood” Have Gone A Long Time, Baby!

You “Wood” Have Gone A Long Time, Baby!

INGLEWOOD, CA—How many times can one fail to appear before a failure to appear becomes epic? That record number appears to have been pursued by Vanessa Marie Matthews, 30, of Los Angeles.

Matthews, a resident of the 200 block of East 83rd Street, was picked up by Inglewood police on Tuesday, December 24 at approximately 12:45 p.m. on the corner of South La Brea and East Tamarack Avenues. She was stopped and charged for disorderly conduct, possession of an open container and “willful cruelty to a child.”

The three charges were not the only ones.

Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) had seven open warrants for Matthews, six of which were failures to appear.

A seventh charge was trespassing charge related to “[e]ntering any lands, whether unenclosed or enclosed by fence, for the purpose of injuring any property or property rights or with the intention of interfering with, obstructing, or injuring any lawful business or occupation carried on by the owner of the land, the owner’s agent, or by the person in lawful possession” that is primarily associated with the destruction of “[c]utting down, destroying, or injuring any kind of wood or timber standing or growing upon the lands of another,” according to California Penal Code Section 602.

The total bail, however, was set at $112,793.00.

Had she not have been charged with the 602(K)(1)PC trespassing charge, Matthews “wood” have had to deal with one less bail item of $10,000.

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