Local Agency Calls In Cavalry After Meth Lab Found

Local Agency Calls In Cavalry After Meth Lab Found

Suspect Was Fighting With Neighbor

PRUNEDALE—The Monterey County Sheriff’s Office called in the cavalry after they found a methamphetamine lab at a residence on Frisch Road, a semi-rural neighborhood that is adjacent to Manzanita County Park. Deputies were there for a disturbance when they found that one of the subjects was under the influence.

On Saturday evening at 4:16 pm, deputies responded to Frisch Road in Prunedale on a reports of a disturbance. Upon their arrival they made contact with 31-year-old Matthew Atchison, who was one of the parties involved in the disturbance.

Deputies detained Atchison on a violation of a health and safety code because he was seemed to be under the influence of a controlled substance. Deputies discovered the Atchison had a previous search and seizure wavier. Atchison was arrested a year ago, on May 26, and charged with stealing a car, hit-and-run, driving on a suspended license and under the influence of drugs, and possession of a controlled substance. An officer from the Monterey CHP made the arrest, according to records.

The deputies searched his residence, and in his room they discovered several items pertaining to the making of illegal drugs. They found “precursor” chemicals, or those needed to produce methamphetamine, along with glassware and a manual on basic methamphetamine production.

Due to the volatile state of the chemicals, deputies called the Monterey County Sheriff’s bomb squad. They also called in narcotics detectives, the federal Drug Enforcement Agency, and the Monterey County Health Department to help in the investigation and care of the evidence.

“They are specially trained and equipped to take these chemicals out,” Monterey County Sheriff Commander John Thornburg stated

Once the investigation was concluded a local cleanup service was called and the hazardous materials were removed. A deputy was hospitalized for chemical exposure, but he was released

Atchison was booked into the Monterey County Jail on multiple drug related charges.

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