Carmel Police Inadvertently Arrested ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ Burglary Suspect

Carmel Police Inadvertently Arrested ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ Burglary Suspect

Suspect left his costume in vehicle

CARMEL—The Carmel Police were investigating a series of vehicle thefts involving a person of interest out of Sand City in Monterey County.  What Police did not realize, until a search of the suspect’s vehicle, was that they had just arrested the ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ robbery suspect who was wanted for bank robbery out of Santa Cruz. Carmel Police arrested 31-year-old Sand City resident Brandon Calantoc and charged him with vehicle burglary.  Santa Cruz Police have also filed charges against him for the bank robberies.

On Friday April 3 at 3:00 pm. The US Bank on Morrissey Avenue was robbed of an undisclosed amount of cash, taken by a man dressed as a woman. There was no weapon seen during the robbery, just a note demanding the teller hand over the money. Nobody was hurt during the robbery.

The "real" Mrs. Doubtfire, Robin Williams in 1993 (20th Century Fox)

The “real” Mrs. Doubtfire, Robin Williams in 1993 (20th Century Fox)

Authorities also suspect that Calantoc was the same man who went into the Rabobank on Mission Drive and was acting suspicious. The bank was not robbed, but police theorized that Calantoc was in the process of casing the bank as a possible target.

During the investigation into the Carmel vehicle burglaries, Police had uncovered evidence that led them to suspect Calantoc. An officer with the Carmel Police Department noticed him drive by, and stopped him for questioning about those burglaries. Calantoc had been charged on March 17 on a previous warrant for burglary. He was arrested during a stop when he was driving with a wanted felon, and a woman with heroin who had left her baby at a motel with two other suspects.

He was also arrested just before Christmas last year on charges of kidnapping, robbery and conspiracy. He was residing in Sand City at that time, but no further details of that incident were made available. Prior to that, on March 12 while officially residing in Portland Oregon, he was arrested in Monterey County for burglary, possession of stolen property, use of a fraudulent credit card, and conspiracy.

In this incident, when Police searched his vehicle they uncovered evidence of a female costume in his truck, along with drug paraphernalia and stolen property. Carmel police took the newly found evidence to the Santa Cruz Police and discovered the Calantoc was indeed the infamous ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ robbery suspect.

Carmel police transported Calantoc to Monterey County Jail and charged him with the vehicle thefts. Upon his release from Monterey County Jail, the Santa Cruz Police were there to take him into custody again, and transport him to Santa Cruz County Jail and charge him with bank robbery, attempted robbery, committing a felony while released on bail, and wearing a mask (or disguise) for unlawful purposes.

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