Weenie-Wagger Chats Up Bus Driver

Weenie-Wagger Chats Up Bus Driver

Ventura County – There is no argument that between contemporary trends in books, movies, television, and the unfettered world of sexual activity available at the click of a mouse button, Americans are no longer the prudes of yore.

But while we may have today approached the libertine, with our urban populations frequently behaving in a manner indistinguishable from Europe’s counterparts in Berlin, Amsterdam, or London, our behaviors remain ostensibly under some level of legislative control designed to keep “private things” just that: private.

Apparently, however, there are those brave souls walking the streets of our neighborhoods who eschew any such limits, and who go to considerable lengths to freely express their sexuality far outside any notions of behind-closed-doors privacy. Clear evidence of this socially anomalous behavior allegedly occurred in the morning of March 12th in the City of Moorpark—hardly known as a tenderloin community—when, according to Moorpark Police Department’s spokesman Det. Sgt. Robert Fleming, a female school bus driver, behind the wheel of her Moorpark Unified School District livery and waiting for a student passenger to onboard, was approached by Richard Patrick “Pat” Ford, who allegedly “engaged her in conversation.”

Perhaps feeling that his rhetorical skills were somehow below par, Ford raised the tempo of things, continuing to exchange thoughts while directing the lady driver’s attention “to his groin area, at which time she noticed that the zipper of his pants was partially down, exposing his genitals.” Rather than immediately correct what may have initially been a mere oversight and an awkward sartorial faux pas, Ford “continued talking to the victim while he further exposed his genitals.” With his personal goods thus exposed to the climactic elements and the bus driver’s line of sight, Ford reportedly continued the conversation while enjoying the morning weather.

While Fleming’s report does not specifically note the driver’s reaction, once her student passenger had boarded the bus—no doubt thinking this was an interesting way to begin the school day—she presumably slammed the bus door closed and drove off to make her report to law enforcement. Ventura County Sheriff’s East County Major Crime Bureau immediately investigated her allegations, contacted Ford at a local coffee shop, and took him into custody.

Ford was booked into Ventura County Jail on a felony count of indecent exposure, and was promptly garbed in the facility’s stylish orange jumpsuit…a fashion statement traditionally lacking zippered closures.

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