Car Party Leads to Marijuana and Concealed Weapon Arrest

Car Party Leads to Marijuana and Concealed Weapon Arrest

San Francisco, February 25th – According to a department press release, neighbors in the Diamond Heights area had become aggravated by a disturbance coming from what sounded like a party occurring inside an older model Mercedes parked in their street. They called police to report the disturbance.

When officers Lucia And Hackard arrived at 75 Topaz Way, they approached the vehicle and discovered six occupants, five men and one woman, sitting inside with the windows rolled all the way up. It was determined that the vehicle was also filled with marijuana smoke.  Another car, parked directly in front of the Mercedes, had zero occupants but the windows down and the radio turned to a loud volume.

Upon questioning the occupants, one individual admitted to selling marijuana. Officers searched nineteen-year-old Cristian Remollo of Richmond, and found a small digital scale as well as bags of marijuana packaged for sale. Underneath the front seat, officers found a .22 caliber pistol, also attributed to Remollo, which turned out to be reported stolen four years ago in Folsom.

Remollo was arrested on possession of marijuana for sale, concealed weapon, and other charges related to his past as a juvenile felon and ward of the court.

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