Man arrested stealing Gran Legacy Vodka

Man arrested stealing Gran Legacy Vodka

CVS Brand vodka is a popular favorite among the homeless

SAN JOSE – 43-year-old Cesar Daniel Lopez was arrested for theft of personal property under PC 484-488, in which he stole merchandise valued at only $13.02 from a CVS Pharmacy. Lopez is also being charged for PC 242-243(a), misdemeanor battery for using force during the theft against a CVS employee.

The San Jose Police Department reported that on Wednesday, February 18, Lopez was found at CVS pharmacy at 525 West Capitol Expressway in San Jose. It was reported that the suspect had had taken three bottles of Gran Legacy Vodka. CVS loss prevention employees spotted Lopez trying to conceal the bottles in his shorts pockets, and then attempt to walk outside without paying.

The loss prevention employee then followed Lopez from the store and identified himself. He told Lopez, “Come inside with me please and give me my items back.” That is when Lopez said, “No, foo.” Lopez then resisted being detained by kneeing the employee in the groin. However, despite the assault, the loss prevention officer was able to control Lopez by taking him to the ground, and then detaining him until police arrived. However at that moment, likely due to the large amount of alcohol that Lopez had consumed prior to the incident, he lost consciousness for around 45 seconds.

When he came to, Lopez was read his Miranda rights and was taken into custody while still under the influence of alcohol. San Jose officers booked Lopez into the Santa Clara County Main Jail for strong armed robbery after attempting to flee from store employees.

Lopez has pleaded guilty to the charges and is expected to serve 30-days for the theft and will self surrender on March 21, 2015.

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