Criminal threats made by disbarred attorney against Civil Lawsuit Superior Court Judge

Criminal threats made by disbarred attorney against Civil Lawsuit Superior Court Judge

The court has dealt with dozens of hate mails and criminal threats by individuals, but none as criminally explosive as 47-year-old Patrick Alexander Missud. Missud was arrested for making criminal threats against federal and county employees, including Santa Clara County’s own District Attorney Jeff Rosen on January 9, 2015. He was charged under PC 664-76(a)(1), attempted threatening of a public official, staff, or immediate family members of that official.

But Missud is not the only suspect facing criminal charges for making threats against individuals. Robert Gary Toltzis is also facing charges in the Federal Court for making criminal threats against victims he found using Similarities in their cases range from their making death threats against numerous victims contacted through email, to the use of mailers sent to unsuspecting victims.

In the Santa Clara County Superior Court criminal court case, it is alleged that Missud had sent numerous emails and a text threatening to detonate a bomb near or in the presence of William J. Elfving, a judge in the Superior Court of California, County of Santa Clara, who handles civil lawsuit cases.

The next court date has been scheduled for February 25, 2015 at 1:30 PM in Dept 30 in front of the Honorable Thang Nguyen Barrett. Missud has signed a form in which he has knowingly identified to the court that he intends to represent himself in the criminal case C1502123, The People of the State of California vs. Patrick Alexander Missud. Missud clearly seeks to harass the court in its proceedings, in that he commented on several lines of the form stating “of peers who are targeted by the judges at ADR” in reference to the dismissal of his own proceedings in front of the Judge Elfving.

In a particularly notable Facebook post he wrote “JOHN ROBERT$- TAKE HEED: I’LL HAVE JUDGE ELFVING MURDERED, EXTERMINATED, SLAUGHTERED, KILLED, AND EXECUTED BY ANY AND ALL MEANS, -INCLUDING THROUGH MASSIVE NATIONWIDE INTERNET EXPOSURE OF HIS TREASON FOR WHICH I HOPE THAT HUNDREDS OF AMERICAN PATRIOTS & NRA MEMBERS HUNT HIM DOWN AND SHOOT HIM THROUGH THE HEAD WITH AN AR-15 [Since federal judge$ like Al$up and O’$cannlain think gun$ should be as plentiful as skittles and iced tea; $ee 9th Circuit Appeal 14-16509 which i$ $till pending an NRA corporate-bought deci$ion]. Now see the official court documents at the bottom of -” and included a link to his website, Judges For Sale.

Missud made several threats using his Facebook account against top officials, including frequent insults against Supreme Court Justice John Roberts and the Citizens United decision. Missud was disbarred as an attorney on October 1, 2014. In a complaint filed in the Superior Court under sub heading 6 states, “I swear under the penalty of perjury that Elfving’s Dept. 3 was the ‘Twilight Zone’ on January 9th’.” This was made in reference to a court hearing in which his motion was heard in front of Elfing on Jan 9, 2015.

Missud’s complaint reads, “PATRICK A. MISSUD Plaintiff and 5-Year Federal Mole vs. COUNTY OF SANTA CLARA, ET AL. All too often the court finds vexation in complaints written in such complexity in which the fragmented argument neither endorses the evidence in which a direct motive is clear. The complaint is fragmented and does not make a compelling argument other than to offend and criticize and defendants named in the case filing.”

The indictiment filed in the Federal Court in the City of San Jose against Robert Gary Toltzis reveals the displaced emotions of the defendant Toltzis, who is accused of printing several mailers sent outside of the United States, in which he solicited threats of death and or other forms of harassment against persons based on their ethnic and racial background. Toltzis also sent threatening emails to co-workers and relatives of his victims.

A grand jury indictment was handed down under §876(c), Mailing Threatening Communications, in case number CR 14-00567 against Toltzis. From July of 2014 there were reportedly 16 victims living in the Northern District of California and elsewhere who had received threats from the suspect. From October of 2012 through November of 2013 the suspect sent 13 mailers to the victims neighbors showing sexual explicit graphics, in which Toltzis wrote, “The pic’s do say it all you are a disease spreading drug addict…the bullet says it all.”

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