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San Luis Obispo

SLO County man accused of criminal threats against doctor, hospital roommate

Photo: Daniel Marcom / San Luis Obispo PD A man has been arrested in San Luis Obispo County on suspicion of criminal threats and brandishing after an alleged contentious incident


Truckee Police intervene after man allegedly threatens to blow up own trailer

Truckee Police have announced the arrest of a man whom they say had threatened to commit suicide by igniting the propane tank in his trailer. On the afternoon of October


Chico woman arrested on suspicion of brandishing, making criminal threats

Photo: Kimberly Craven / Chico PD Originally published 9-22-20 by the Chico Police Department: “On 09/22/20 at 12:19pm, Chico Police dispatch received multiple 911 calls about a female brandishing a


Man allegedly threatens to kill friend, dog, ex-wife, deputies — in that order

Originally published 4-28-20 by the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office: “On 04-26-2020 at approximately 10:20 PM, Deputies from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to contact an adult male regarding


Off-Duty Telemarketer on Hold at Santa Rita Jail

FREMONT — Telemarketers have no friends at dinnertime. Recipients of unwanted calls might like to imagine a telemarketer in handcuffs, immobilized, strapped inside a full-body restraint, arrested and hauled away

San Francisco Santa Clara

Criminal threats made by disbarred attorney against Civil Lawsuit Superior Court Judge

The court has dealt with dozens of hate mails and criminal threats by individuals, but none as criminally explosive as 47-year-old Patrick Alexander Missud. Missud was arrested for making criminal


Suspects Arrested in Temescal Canyon High School Shooting Threats

TEMECULA- On Monday, Sheriff’s Investigators arrested three students in a reported shooting threat. Saturday, September 27, Lake Elsinore Police Department received a tip from the community that there was shooting


Suspect Who Led Police on Three Chases Arrested

A suspect who violated a restraining order, made criminal threats and evaded police officers three times over the weekend was arrested Tuesday, authorities said. Fremont police tracked down 29-year-old Matthew Anthony