Jury Convicts Gang Member of Attempted Murder In Woodland Bar Shootings

Jury Convicts Gang Member of Attempted Murder In Woodland Bar Shootings

In connection with 2011 shootings in a Woodland bar, a Yolo County jury found a Sacramento gang member guilty of two counts of attempted murder. There were also enhancements for being a gang member and inflicting “great bodily injury.”

Marcus Blackmon, 34, also had his pending sentence enhanced in the case due to his having served time in state prison on two previous occasions, according to a Yolo County District Attorney’s Office press release.
Blackmon, according to the release, was at the time of the shootings, a member of the Fruit Ridge Vista Bloods. He entered the now-defunct Tony’s Bar, 607 East Street, on August 28, 2011. During that evening Blackmon, without provocation, approached and harassed several of Tony’s patrons, demanding to know their names and where they came from.

Images of Marcus Blackmon from Facebook.

Images of Marcus Blackmon from Facebook.

As the evening wore on, Blackmon became more aggressive and dissatisfied with answers to his demands. Suddenly he pulled out a gun and shot one patron. He then shot indiscriminately and finally shot the nurse, who had come to the aid of his first victim, in the face.

During his testosterone-fueled rampage, Blackmon happened to touch with a fingertip a glass window; his mistake was captured by a security camera and ultimately led to his arrest. Crime scene investigators lifted a fingerprint off the window glass and ultimately connected it with Blackmon.

Blackmon was taken into custody in April 2012 at his Sacramento home. While searching the premises detectives discovered, in Blackmon’s car, an ammunition magazine that contained shell casings that matched some of those that had been expended during the rampage at Tony’s Bar. His arrest, along with 25-year-old Jason Broadbent, came 8 months after the incident. They were both arrested in Sacramento County and later brought to Yolo County.

Blackmon is due to be sentenced by Yolo County Superior Court Judge Stephen Mock on January 30.

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