Robbery suspects admits to attacking more than five victims

Robbery suspects admits to attacking more than five victims

SAN JOSE – 37-year-old Jaime Ricardo Flores was arrested for PC 220 (a) (1), assault, PC 211-212.5(c), robbery PC 245(a)(1), assault with a deadly weapon, PC 236-237, false imprisonment, and PC 422, criminal threats.

The San Jose Police Department reported that on Sunday, September 21, Flores committed an assault with the intent to commit a robbery. While driving in the area of 1st Street and Keyes in downtown San Jose, Flores had pulled over to pick up a prostitute. Agreeing to have sex with Flores, the prostitute got into the suspect’s blue Dodge Magnum vehicle. When Flores parked in front of a home located at 900 block of South 8th Street, he began to attack the female occupant.

Getting into the back of the vehicle Flores held something metal at the victim’s throat. Flores asked her “Do you want to die? Or do you want to get back home to your baby?” The victim later verified that it had been a knife or wire cutters pressed up against her throat.

Jaime  Ricardo Flores (DMV)

Jaime Ricardo Flores (DMV)

Flores immediately began to demand money from the victim and tried to place zip ties around the her wrists. after giving the suspect her cell phone, the victim was able to escape and run to a nearby residence to ask for help.

Flores had fled the area, but was located in a neighborhood near Alum Rock and McCreery Ave in an east San Jose shopping center, within a mile of his apartment on Checkers Drive. Flores had stopped and was approached by a uniformed officer. When asked if he knew anything about a woman who had said she had gotten into an argument with him, Flores stated he had “been alone all evening and had just been eating at the taco stand across the street.” But the officer recognized Flores was wearing the same type of clothing described by the victim.

Flores was asked to step out of the vehicle and was searched for possible weapons. When police searched the vehicle, they were able to retrieve the cell phone and located several objects in the car used during the assault.

A large kitchen knife was located near the passenger side floor board. During the search officers also located several white zip ties located in the center console and a plastic bag with numerous black zip ties. A pair of wire cutters was also located, along with several loose zip ties throughout the vehicle. Officers also located a unopened condom package.

Flores had claimed that he worked as a fill-in security guard Allied Barton Security for the last six months. However, he said he was not able to work much in the past few months.

Flores was placed in the back of a patrol vehicle and the victim was brought to where Flores had been taken into custody. The victim was able to identify the car Flores had been driving and Flores as the person who had assaulted her. He was arrested just after midnight.

Flores was reportedly cooperative with investigators, and had admitted that his intentions had been to rape the victim. He also admitted to kidnapping and robbing at least five other prostitute victims. Flores also admitted to setting the child locks to the back doors in order to prevent the victims from leaving.

Flores is facing a possible 20-year sentence for the offense.

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