Burglars enter home while resident is still inside

Burglars enter home while resident is still inside

19-year-old Juan Castillo and 20-year-old Jason Mone Omm are facing three counts under PC 211-212.5(a), first degree robbery, and PC 459-460(a), burglary. On August 16 the San Jose Police department received a call after both suspects had entered in order to steal items from the home on 2700 block of Croft Drive in San Jose.

The two suspects came to the window of the single family home and smashed it to get inside. But while the suspects were inside, responding officers were able to block them from making a clean exit. Officers learned that they had squeezed between several loose boards in the side fence in order get into the back of the victim’s home. Officers also located several stolen items from the side area of the home where the subjects planned to make a quick getaway.

When SJPD officers approached the home they saw the young men running through the back yard of the home into the neighboring back yard. When police stopped the suspects they exited the area with officers. When one was asked what he was doing, he replied that he was watching the World Cup soccer match on TV with another friend. However, when approaching the second suspect it was apparent that they were responsible for the burglary.

Stolen items were located near where Omm was detained by officers. He was subsequently handcuffed and arrested. When asked about what had happened, Omm told the officer that, “I would rather talk to a lawyer”.

The victim of the burglary had hid under the bed while the suspects entered the home, apparently unaware that she was there. She heard one person say, “Hey, there’s an iPad and laptop on the desk”. This allowed her time to dial 9-1-1 to report the burglary. She was not able to see who had broken into her home, but was able to identify the items the suspects had stolen from the home. The items were identified and released back to the victim.

Their next court date has been scheduled for Nov 19, 2014 in Dept 38 at 1:30 PM.

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