Long Beach Man Busted for West Coast Chop Shop

Long Beach Man Busted for West Coast Chop Shop

HAWTHORNE, CA—It was the end of the line for loads of stolen vehicles—and the end of the line for the man who received them.

Gamaliel Barajas, 22, was arrested on Wednesday, October 15 at approximately 4 p.m. by Hawthorne Police Department officers at his apparent residence along the 200 block of East Artesia Boulevard in Long Beach. Police may have been serving a warrant prior to the many new violations that were heaped on him that day; one of the many charges was for a warrant for having failed to appearing after promising in writing to do so (853.7PC).

The new charges included grand theft auto/horse/etc. (487(D)(1)PC), taking a vehicle without owning it (10851(A)VC), receiving/etc. known stolen wire/metals as a junker (496(A)PC), owning//operating/etc. a chop shop (10801VC) and manufacturing/selling/giving/lending/possessing metal knuckles (2181PC).

Total bail was set at $165,892. The 487 and chop shop violations were $50,000 each; the 10851 violation was $25,000; and the 496 and metal knuckles violations were $20,000 each.

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