Judge Sentences Woman 26 Years for Stabbing Death

Judge Sentences Woman 26 Years for Stabbing Death

SACRAMENTO—Sacramento Superior Court Judge Raoul M. Thorbourne has sentenced Delina Lynn Williams to 26 years to life in prison for the stabbing death of a woman in her Foothill Farms apartment three years ago.

Williams, 45, who was arrested in November 2011, has a history of domestic violence and drug abuse. She stabbed Jessica Brock, 27, more than 50 times on October 24, 2011 in the victim’s Emerald Oaks apartment in the 5100 block of Andrea Boulevard. Detectives believe Williams was an acquaintance of the Brock’s and attacked her during an argument.

Brock’s mother was with her boyfriend when they found Brock’s body after they had grown concerned that they had not heard from her for over five days.

The murder happened at the victim's home in the Emerald Oaks apartments.

The murder happened at the victim’s home in the Emerald Oaks apartments.

Prosecutors said Williams, who has a criminal record that shows six felony convictions dating back to 1993, took the victim’s car and tried to use Brock’s credit card to buy gas.

Williams also wrote poetry. One of her poems, entitled Rhyme of a Meth Head was found on www.poetry.com.

My bi-polar world
Is different than yours
Ask anyone, they’ll say
I always made the best scores
Lost, living alone and bad
Cruising in my car was all I had
Now I’m awkward and blind
Wondering if these people are my kind
They say “JUST FOR TODAY” and clap
I’m listening, wondering if it’s a trap
So I’ll try to just “LET GO AND LET GOD”
Believing in myself, I’ll just trod
Lightly upon these new trails
Instead of burning my nose with meth rails

In two posts Williams made on her Facebook page, she may have left a clue to her state of mind in the weeks prior to the stabbing. On September 13 she wrote “I wonder why it is that I can assemble my brain to a project and then WHAM….CHAOS erupts and I end up ready to call the asap (ass slapped..ass punched) committee to validate my findings…..hmmmmmmmmmmm…Now there is one less FAKE BROAD out there selling my shit that she stole!!!! REHAB? REHAB? hmmmmmmmmmmm HOPE EVERYONE IS HAVING A FABULOUS EVENING…PRAY FOR ME TO GET THE HELL OUTTA DODGE AND INTO REHAB….”

She followed that with a post on October 6, 2011, the final post showing on that account, but which shows a more hopeful outlook. “Well here i sit wondering why it is I have been on the pity pot and WHAM!!! LIKE LIGHTENING I HAVE IT….I AM THE ONLY HOLDER TO MY KEY OF LIFE…GOD WILL PLACE PEOPLE TO HELP YET I MUST KEEP POSITIVE AND NOT ALLOW the devil TO PREVAIL!!!” Within three weeks, Jessica Brock was dead, and by November 5, Williams was arrested for murder.







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