Pair Arrested for Growing Marijuana Near Water Park

Pair Arrested for Growing Marijuana Near Water Park

CLOVIS – A man and woman are facing felony charges after the Fresno County Sheriff’s Department discovered that they were growing thousands of marijuana plants.

Boun Navixay, 59, and Her Vang, 59, both of Clovis, are facing felony marijuana cultivation charges stemming from the 6,600 plants that deputies found hidden in a field and mobile home.

Deputies raided the property located on the corner of McCall and Shaw avenues, which is down the street from Wild Water Adventure Park and a school. During their search, the deputies found thousands of marijuana plants hidden in amongst rows of regular crops.

Hiding marijuana plants among other crops is a common way for marijuana growers to try to hide their illegal activities, according to the sheriff’s department. This was the second time in two years that deputies have found pot on this property.

In addition to criminal charges, Navixay and Vang could be fined $1,000 per plant due to a Fresno County ordinance prohibiting marijuana grows.

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