Pasadena Man Kills 3, Injures 2

Pasadena Man Kills 3, Injures 2

On Saturday, July 12 around 4:20 p.m. in Pasadena, police were called to a shooting at the 1700 block of North Summit Avenue.

According to reports, there was a landlord-tenant dispute that led to the suspect’s shooting. Upon arrival, they were in the midst of gun fire.  ““When police arrived the suspect fired at two officers. They were able to take cover and were not wounded”, said Lisa Derderian, Pasadena Fire department spokeswoman.  The suspect then retreated back to the house, where he later surrendered to the police and he was arrested without further incident. “All the victims were not discovered until after the suspect surrendered,” said Derderian.

According to Pasadena PD, the suspect has been identified as John Izael Smith.

There were a total of five victims that were shot. Three of the victims were killed and the two other victims were severely injured. Two of the killed victims have been identified as Maria Aguiar, 59, and Luis Aguiar, 91. Both victims are related, as Maria is the daughter of Luis.

Family of the Aguiar’s are distraught about this horrific incident, as they have spoke out via Facebook. Carlos Aguiar, who is Luis’ grandson and Maria’s nephew, posted a Facebook status just moments after the incident, saying, “This world is f***** up”. The comments from the post later concluded that he was related to Maria and Luis by stating, “My aunt and grandpa got killed today”.

Police have yet to announce the other victims and the scene is still being investigated.

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