Firefighters Help Deputies Locate Beating Suspect

Firefighters Help Deputies Locate Beating Suspect

DEVORE – A fire captain, who was lending assistance in tending to injured assault victims, recalled seeing a person that matched the description suspect provided by witnesses. San Bernardino County Sheriff’s deputies responded by arresting a 59-year-old man.

Dennis Dickinson of Devore was arrested on Monday night after deputies were called to the 17900 block of Hillcrest Drive shortly before 9 p.m. They discovered a pair of elderly victims, a man and his wife who had been beaten badly, with bleeding to their face and arms.

While providing medical care, Fire Captain John Flesher said he remembered seeing a person who matched the description of the suspect that had been provided by the victims, according to Deputy John Deen. Flesher, along with engineer Brian Wells and paramedic Michael Demoff, drove their fire engine to Marion Avenue and Muriel Avenue along with deputies.

“Captain Flesher volunteered to take deputies to his last known location,” said Deen. Firefighters, he said, saw Dickinson run behind a home in the darkness. Alerting the deputies, the firefighters directed them to a large field and a ravine where Dickinson was seen running. He was discovered hiding in the bushes near the bottom of the ravine, according to reports. An ambulance had taken the victims to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Dickinson was taken to the West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga after deputies took him into custody. He faces felony charges of battery resulting in major injury. Authorities did not disclose any motive for the beating. Nor did they disclose the identities of the victims.

Devore is located about 10 miles north of downtown San Bernardino.

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