Alleged Davis Double-Murderer’s Mother Gives Pre-Trial Testimony

Alleged Davis Double-Murderer’s Mother Gives Pre-Trial Testimony

While testifying at the pre-trial hearing on June 16, Daniel Marsh’s mother was shown a photograph of a Buck knife. It was the weapon with which Marsh allegedly stabbed and murdered an elderly South Davis couple in April, 2013. Sheri Hosking looked at the photo and asked herself out loud if that was her knife. Then she answered her own question, stating, “It looks like it could be.”

The Buck knife was discovered by Davis police investigators in the garage of Hosking’s Lillard Drive home. About when these investigators had served a search warrant, Hosking’s son Daniel Marsh was being questioned at Davis Police headquarters about the murders of Oliver “Chip” Northup, 87, and his wife Claudia Maupin, 76.

Earlier in her testimony, Hosking said she remembered keeping the knife in her nightstand, but could not pinpoint when she had noticed it was missing.
Although Marsh’s trial will not get officially under way until late August, Hosking was asked to testify early because she is scheduled for brain surgery that will take a lengthy period of time for her to recover from.

Marsh’s trial was delayed after he changed his plea from not guilty to not guilty by reason of insanity.

During her June 16 testimony Hosking related how she struggled to shield Daniel from his father’s temper. Hosking and her husband Bill Marsh recently divorced.
Daniel’s childhood wonder at life gradually disappeared, to be replaced by bouts of explosive anger, Hosking said. She was shocked because she said that, when angry, her son “wasn’t like Daniel at all.”

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