Love is…Reckless, Drunk and Running From Cops

Love is…Reckless, Drunk and Running From Cops

INGLEWOOD, CA—In the search for life and the pursuit of happiness, love is not always what it’s cracked up to be—especially if that’s one’s name.

Jimmie Lee Love, Jr., 52, was picked up by officers from Inglewood Police Department (IPD) on either Century Boulevard near the 405 freeway or simply on the Century Freeway (also known as the 105 freeway). The matter is somewhat confused as the 105 and 405 intersect near where Century Boulevard intersects with the 405. (The police report states “100 Freeway/Century.)

But then again, love is confusing.

The charges handed down to Love, however, were rather clear: “reckless driving,” “DUI alcohol/drugs,” and “evading police officers.” The self-proclaimed cosmetologist was picked up on Wednesday, May 14 at approximately 1 a.m.

The total bail was set at $85,000, with the biggest of the three amounts being a $75,000 price tag for running from the cops.

We may not know what love is, but we know where Love is: Inglewood jailhouse.

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