Dwen Curry Didn’t Consider Dubious Consumer

Dwen Curry Didn’t Consider Dubious Consumer

Dwen Curry

LOS ANGELES – Who is Dwen Curry?  Besides having a unique first name, he is someone who recently got arrested after trying to financially benefit from stealing other people’s identities.

Curry was arrested and charged with numerous counts of identity theft and attempted grand theft.  He had possession of personal identifying information of over 10 people.

Here’s the Curry plan – you steal someone’s identity, impersonate them and attempt to withdraw their funds from annuities.  The plan took a turn when he tried to change the address of one of his victims in order to withdraw $35,000 from their annuity.

An insurance agent for the victim noticed the suspicious activity and reported it.  In time, Curry was in cuffs.

Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones said, “This crime was uncovered by an alert consumer and their insurance agent who recognized unauthorized activity on the consumer’s annuity investment.  Consumers should pay close attention to any mail they receive from their insurance company or financial institutions alerting them of attempts to access their information or make changes to their records.”

Curry’s bail was set at $195,000 and, since he currently has no recourse to steal anyone else’s money, remains in custody with a preliminary hearing scheduled for February 26th.



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