Valley of the Dolls Revisited in L.A. Basin

Valley of the Dolls Revisited in L.A. Basin

HAWTHORNE, CA—If legendary filmmaker Russ Meyer were still alive, he might have asked, Is it a crime, in this day and age, to medicate oneself while carrying out one’s unpaid duties in the course of attempting to maintain a familial foundation? He might have already answered that question in his film, Beyond the Valley of The Dolls.

Estefany Nava, 23, was stopped by Hawthorne police on Friday, March 28 at approximately 8:15 p.m. at the corner of Washington Avenue and 129th Street. The self-proclaimed housewife was charged with two DUI counts. One was for a “DUI Alcohol/Drugs” charge and the other was a “DUI Alcohol/0.08 [blood alcohol level] percent.”

There were no priors and no warrants for the Hawthorne resident. Police placed two bail amounts on the woman. Each bail amount was set at $5,000.

Nava was not available for comment. Meyer, on the other hand, has been deceased since September, 2004 and was obviously not available for comment.

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