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Young man suspected of shooting at deputies captured

TULARE COUNTY – Last Tuesday night, February 25, sheriff’s deputies were called to the Tule Indian reservation on reports of someone creating a disturbance and firing a rifle at 9:15


Escaped prisoner arrested in Santa Rosa

Domingo Tamayo escaped from Lompoc Federal Prison and returned to his hometown of Santa Rosa, and an investigation by Santa Rosa Police resulted in his arrest on the federal warrant,


Two Arrested for Drugs During Probation Search

STALLION SPRINGS — A probation search in the small rural eastern Kern County town of Stallion Springs on Friday resulted in two arrests. Michael Perez and Nicole Richardson were both

Santa Barbara

Suspect “Goes Postal” on Postal Truck Tires

Santa Barbara County – It can be frustrating when waiting to receive something in the mail that doesn’t arrive when we expect/want/need it.  The fact is, most of us simply take


Ten Arrested in Extra Drug Patrol

DELANO — A total of 10 people were arrested last Thursday after a directed patrol in the City of Delano. Among those arrested were Irvin Chavez for a misdemeanor warrant,


Carjacking And Kidnapping Suspect Arrested After Crashing Into Light Pole

BAKERSFIELD — A woman that carjacked a man with a knife is currently being treated at a local hospital after crashing the stolen vehicle into a light pole in northwest

Santa Barbara

Teen Driver Charged and Drug Felonies and Manslaughter

SANTA BARBARA — Kincaid Orosco, 18, has been arrested and charged with misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter and a pair of felony drug charges pursuant to the tragic events that occurred in

Santa Barbara

UCSB Gang Rape Gets Massive Publicity & Police Effort

Santa Barbara – Daily media updates by Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department Public Information Officer Kelly Hoover point to the fact that the UCSB student body as well as citizens of