SJPD Officer charged with forcible rape

SJPD Officer charged with forcible rape

SAN JOSE – In a press release, the San Jose Police, in association with the District Attorney’s office, announced the arrest of a 6-year veteran with the SJPD – Officer Geoffrey Graves #4101 – for sexual assault under PC 261 (a) (2) rape by force against a female victim.

Sgt. Heather Randol with the SJPD said, “On Monday March 10, 2014, Officer Geoff Graves was arrested for one count of felony sexual assault”. After a five month investigation into the allegations, evidence recovered from the suspect’s bullet proof vest revealed the victims DNA, as reported at the time of the attack. Many rape cases take a while to investigate as DNA is a primary tool for helping identify the possible suspect who committed the crime.

The suspected attack occurred after a domestic dispute incident when a female victim was taken to a motel room for safe keeping. However, Officer Graves returned, forcing himself on the victim, and eventually raping her. Randol said “Graves remained nearby and re-initiated contact with the female in her hotel room. According to the female, the officer sexually assaulted her”.

Kelton Malique Hart (Facebook)

Kelton Malique Hart (Facebook)

Many sexual assaults occur by a suspect known to the victim, and those are often called “acquaintance rape”. On Sept 24, 2013 a victim came to the SJPD police administration building to report rape by force from a suspect 23-year-old Kelton Malique Hart. She said she had been friends with the Hart while in high school. However after five years the suspect contacted her. The relationship was based on a friendship status, and she had never been romantically involved with Hart. He had contacted her again after numerous years, and they had talked for several hours when he invited her to come to his place and pierce his sister’s ears.

When she arrived several of Hart’s friends were there, but the sister was still in school. The friends soon left and they were alone when he began to force himself on her. She thought that he was under the influence of marijuana because of the smell in the room, but he claimed he had been smoking “wax”. After forcing himself on the victim he held her and tried to keep her from leaving. She said that she felt dizzy and disoriented after the attack.

Hart is expected to appear before Dept 35 in the San Jose Hall of Justice at 1:30 on March 18, 2014 for further action.

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