Suspected pimp seeks release

The area of Alma and Monterey has seen a rise in prostitution

SAN JOSE – Investigative officers working prostitution enforcement detail in San Jose arrested 22-year-old Darrion Mayno Bolden from Vallejo on July 29, 2012 for the crime of Pimping under PC 266h (a), a Felony. Bolden was in court on January 18 seeking a release from jail under PC 1203.065(a), in which Bolden would be refused probation for the charges that he attempted to pimp and/or support prostitution of a minor. Bolden had been booked into the Main Jail under PC 266(h), in July when he was found parked in an empty parking lot located near Monterey Road, Alma Ave, and Stauffer Blvd, where he oversaw sexual acts performed by a minor he had actively encouraged to participate in prostitution.

During routine patrolling assignments by investigative officers, IO and other assigned units observed a female suspect standing in the area of Monterey Road and Stauffer Blvd soliciting drivers and pedestrians.  It was later learned that female suspect in the case was being coerced by Bolden. Records show the text messages between Bolden and the female suspect reveal Bolden coerced the suspect by offering support and nurturing for her acts with strangers.

Bolden texted the suspect, “Babbyy just Get them 3 dates then wee gone Get some gudd n a room… I see Yuutryiing ii liikke that…remember iff iim happy Yuu gone bee happy..” Again Bolden texts, “Yuu gudd?? The suspect female replies, “Yeah I just had 1 thoo.”

On January 7, 2013 the defendant filed a motion under 1538.5 to dismiss the evidence on the grounds of unlawful search and seizure conducted by police at the time of his arrest. Bolden is seeking a motion to suppress evidence filed against him by officers and/or any statements he may have given at the time of his detainment and arrest.  The defendant is claiming a violation of his fourth amendment rights, because he feels the search and seizure of his person was illegal. On January 14 the D.A. filed their opposition to the defendant’s motion to suppress evidence.

Press Information Officer Sergeant Jason Dwyer with the San Jose Police Department said, “Specialized units are not deployed for prostitution.”  Special units would be deployed when it is necessary to help curb gang activity.  “IO try to reduce gang violence”, Dwyer said.

Photos by Amy Nilson

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