Tipping point results in elder abuse

A felony complaint was filed against 56-year-old Judy Doreen Guymon for the abuse of an elder dependent adult under circumstances that were likely to produce great bodily injury harm or death under PC 368 (b) (1).  According to Sean Webby with the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office, “the next court hearing will be held June 11 at 9 a.m. in Department 46.”

Smart and Final Grocery Store

On May 03, 2013 Guymon was arrested for Elder Abuse of her father while under her care. Guymon and her father had entered the Smart & Final grocery store located at 5281 Prospect Rd in San Jose. The 84-year-old victim was pushed to the ground after the daughter asked for something at the counter towards the exit of the store. The father had refused to pay for her, which resulted in her pushing her father to the ground in which he landed on his buttocks and then on his head. Due to the fall he had a severe laceration on the back of his head and required medical attention. Once he had fallen store employees quickly rushed to help him. The daughter stood by without concern for her actions.

Due to the heinous nature of the offense, a protective order was filed under 10547 requiring protection from any retaliatory action that may result from the current charge of Battery of Elder/Dependent under PC 243.25(1) against Guymon.

The manager at Smart & Final viewed the video footage of the incident.  He noticed that the victim was pushed, and felt that he should report  to police officers what he had seen. The father was treated by paramedics and transported to a local hospital. Once at the local hospital, officers were able to locate Guymon.

Investigating officers asked her why she had pushed her father. Guymon responded by saying that, “he had lost his balance and fell down.” With video evidence to support the assault, Guymon was transported and booked into the San Clara County Main Jail without incident.

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