Reports of Sexual Assaults on the Rise During SJSU Campus Events

Reports of Sexual Assaults on the Rise During SJSU Campus Events

San Jose State University

SAN JOSE —  San Jose State University Police recently began an investigation into an international water-polo player’s involvement with two women who are now accusing the suspect of raping them during a house party over the labor day weekend.

According to SJSU, officials the suspect was formally issued a stay-away order with no contact. The suspect was also issued a temporary ban from coming on campus grounds or associated events with the University.

Allegations of sexual assault began as two San Jose State students came forward in September to report a freshman water polo player had raped them at an off-campus party over Labor Day weekend.  Charges have not been formally filed against the suspect. However, the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office is said to be reviewing the case.

The first victim, an international student-athlete, went to the San Jose Police on September 4, 2016, to report the unwanted sexual advance and eventual rape. A second woman came forward to campus police on Sept. 22, 2016, reporting that the suspect had also sexually assaulted her at a house party over the labor day weekend.

The San Jose State University Police has also reported a sexual battery that occurred on September 9, 2016, at the Joe West Hall around 2:15 pm that led to the arrest of the suspect. Just as this case was resolved, a second sexual battery was also reported at 164 S. 10th Street near the campus around 3:15 pm. No arrests have been made in this case.

Other reports of sexual battery were reported on September 17, 2015 with two assaults just ten minutes apart.  Each case occurred at the Spartan Stadium, around 1:14 and 1:24 pm. Once again on September 19, 2016 a sexual battery was reported at the dorm house Sigma Chi. No other sexual assaults were reported in September.

Sexual assaults (along with hit and run and property damage) are on the rise, with 267 reported cases from October 1 through October 13, of 2o16.

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