Female victim sexually assaulted while living at homeless encampment

Female victim sexually assaulted while living at homeless encampment

SAN JOSE, Calif – A Homeless encampment yields little security for female occupants. 45-year-old Salvador Louie Aleman appeared before dept. 42 at 1:30 PM on Feb 20, 2014 at the Hall of Justice in San Jose for charges stemming from battery and sexual assault under PC 242-243(a). Salvador also faces charges of HS 11550 (a) for being under the influence of Methamphetamine.

On Feb 17, 2014 a female victim reported that she was attacked by Aleman while she was staying in his RV on a lot used by homeless people near Senter Road and Feldspar Drive in San Jose.  Aleman was on formal probation and was arrested for being under the influence of a controlled substance, and for sexual battery. The victim reported that Aleman and she had been involved in a verbal argument and that he had asked her to leave. However, she stated she did not have a place to stay, and had stayed with Aleman for several days before he had attacked her.

She reported seeing Aleman smoking Meth throughout the day, when he had become increasingly agitated and entered the RV. Aleman struck the victim in the face and chest area several times knocking her to the ground. He then forced himself on her, eventually having non-consensual intercourse with the victim. He then violently forced the victim to leave the RV by kicking and punching her until she was able to collect her things and leave the area.

A records check on Aleman turned up the suspect’s photo, and when shown to the victim she said, “Oh my god, that’s him. Oh my god, that’s Sal”. During a confrontation with several subjects hanging around a fence line located around a lot with RV’s and wood piles, they were able to identify a possible suspect.

Aleman swore at officers and evaded questioning by hiding himself in the back portion of the lot. Because the fence was locked with a padlock and a large chain, SJPD officers called for support and K9 units to help cut the lock in order to enter the area. Aleman and another suspect were located and taken into custody for being under the influence of a controlled substance while refusing to cooperate with police.

When investigators asked Aleman about the incident, he denied knowing about the sexual assault. He told officers that she was his friend and had grown tired of her staying with him when he asked her to leave. He said that he did not hurt her or use any type of force against the victim. He stated that he was unsure why she wanted to charge him with sexual assault.

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