Suspect wanted in car theft shot and killed by police

Suspect wanted in car theft shot and killed by police
Photo: scene of shooting
SAN JOSE – A San Jose Police Officer was released from the hospital days after a suspect pinned him in between two cars and ran over him, causing severe injuries.
The suspect was an associated gang member who had a rap sheet that included several violent felonies. San Jose’s Chief of Police Eddie Garcia provided information in which he described how investigators located the stolen vehicle in the back parking lot of an apartment complex some two hours after the initial reports that the 2011 Toyota Camry had been stolen from a local residence some three miles away.
Garcia said, “The suspect exited the car at one point through the sunroof.” During the suspects brazen attempt to escape police he ran across the rooftops trying to evade officers, who had parked behind the suspect in order to block him in.
The unnamed suspect’s record also indicated that he had previously served time for auto-theft, auto-theft with a prior and brandishing a weapon, resisting arrest, false identification and disturbing the peace.
The suspect was currently wanted on a $75,000 bail warrant for auto-theft, and possession of a concealed dirk, or dagger.
The injured officer was treated for serious but non-life threatening injuries. Three officers fired their weapons after the suspect hit a 17-year veteran officer who was trying to take him into custody. Refusing to surrender, the suspect violently hit and drug one officer underneath the stolen Camary.
“The suspect was given ample opportunity to surrender,” Garcia said. “At one point, it looks like we were about five seconds away from him coming down off the car and surrendering peacefully.”
“The situation evolved very quickly and got out of hand,” Garcia said.  The willingness of the suspect to ram police vehicles shows how desperate he was in trying to get away.  Initial reports indicate that suspect had acted suspiciously and was thought to be under the influence of drugs, and/or alcohol. 
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