Troubled man swings a hatchet

Troubled man swings a hatchet

REDDING – Police arrested a familiar man yesterday, and this time it looks like he’s gone completely over the edge.

Ou Choy Saechao has been booked by Redding Police no less than four times in the past two months, beginning December 26, and continuing on January 2, January 24, and January 25. His fifth arrest came yesterday when his neighbors reported seeing him on the street wielding a hatchet and acting “bizarre.”

His previous arrests paint a picture of someone out to cause trouble. He was charged with trespassing, public intoxication, obstructing a public officer and an executive officer, taking a weapon from an officer, and re-taking goods from an officer. Though details of these incidents are not available, they paint a picture of someone getting drunk and belligerent, especially when confronted by authority figures.

Saechao made a scene in this neighborhood before being arrested.

Saechao made a scene in this neighborhood before being arrested.

When police were called yesterday to his Alta Mesa Drive neighborhood, they found Saechao armed with a hatchet as described. They tried to speak to him, but he ignored them and headed into the backyard. While trying to locate him, they saw him inside the house. According to a Redding Police press release, the officers attempted to calm him down and asked him to come outside and talk.

He naturally refused, and a woman in the house related to Saechao entered the living room where he was standing. He grabbed her from behind and held on to her as she struggled to break free from his grip. Now considering it to be a hostage situation, the officers formulated a plan of action.

As some of the police continued to try to speak with Saechao from the front porch, the others found a way in the house, and were able to subdue him, releasing the woman without harm to her.

The 28-year-old suspect was taken into custody, and was booked at the Shasta County Jail on charges of false imprisonment, kidnapping, and resisting arrest.

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