Drunk driver crashes into a parked car in “fit of fury”

Drunk driver crashes into a parked car in “fit of fury”

28-year-old Sara Ann Floris was booked under a $50,000 bond for eight felony and misdemeanor counts involving felony hit and run under 245 (A) (1), assault with a deadly weapon, PC 273 (a), causing injury to a child, PC 242 – 243 (b), and battery against a peace officer, all while driving under the influence of alcohol pursuant VC 23152 (a). During the investigation she’s accused of willfully obstructing officers under PC 148 (a) (1), and finally VC 2002 (a), for fleeing the scene during an accident.

On Jan 29, the San Jose Police Department’s call center received several calls reporting a front end collision of an unknown person crashing into parked cars in a parking lot near Rancho Drive and Monterey Road in San Jose. When officers arrived, they found the driver of the vehicle under the influence of alcohol/drugs. The suspect Sara Floris is also accused of improperly seating her twin sons in the car with her during the time of the incident.

Floris was driving a Black 2009 Kia Spectra 4D sedan when she had hit several parked cars. A witness to the incident reported that he yelled at the driver to stop her vehicle. However, when he had done this, he said Floris purposely drove forward and struck the bystander’s vehicle. The victim told officers that he was watching as Floris drove into the apartment complex, when she blocked his vehicle and started yelling at him, “Where is Adrianna?” The victim then said, “I don’t know who she is. She is not here”. The victim then watched as she pulled ahead a few spaces and then put her vehicle into reverse slamming in the victim’s rear passenger side, knocking the vehicle into a pole. Floris then fled the scene with her twin sons as passengers.

Sara Floris was later found in the 7-11 parking lot, just around the corner from the incident.

Sara Floris was later found in the 7-11 parking lot, just around the corner from the incident.

Floris was found at the 7-11 located near Seven Trees Blvd and Capital Expressway, and was taken into custody for the incident. The victim was brought to the scene by officers, who then positively identified the suspect as the female suspected of the hit and run.

While being detained, she kicked at officers while being physically restrained by them. During a blood draw, Floris kicked at police officers and attempted to bite at the phlebotomist drawing her blood, as she continued to resist her detainment. She was then booked in to the Santa Clara Main Jail.  But this didn’t stop her outbursts.

During her pre-booking process, she continued to yell and scream after officers had obtained a blood test required due to her erratic behavior and uncooperative behavior with police.  She continued to verbally assault officers saying, “I wish you were dead. I wish you were all dead.”



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