Three Suspects Arrested for Attempted Copper Wire Theft

FRESNO – Police arrested three men who attempted to take copper wire from a central Fresno business.

Police say a team of metal thieves were caught trying to steal two large spools of copper wire worth thousands of dollars from a business located near Clark and McKinley avenues in Fresno. Arrested were 46-year-old Mark Recasens, 46-year-old Guy Dynge, and 41-year-old Chad Rogers.

Clark and Mckinley Avenues

The thieves got into the business through the roof and then began collecting tools. They used a forklift to lift the two spools of copper wire. The spools were valued at $18,000 each.

The thieves were unable to drive the forklift through a block wall, and instead drove it through a metal roll-up door, which caused thousands of dollars in damage, according to authorities.

Police located the forklift and one of the spools near the business. Officers then saw three men driving a truck and trailer with the other spool in the back at Angus and Hammond avenues. Officers, with the help of nearby citizens, were able to detain the suspects. They were booked into Fresno County Jail.

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