Dog Day Afternoon for Jumping Suspect

Ventura County – Wednesday September 4th, a seasonally hot day in the City of Santa Paula, became even hotter for Alex Nunez, a locally infamous gang member who was actively sought by the Santa Paula Police Department’s Investigations and Gang Unit on an outstanding felony warrant.


Nunez, alleged to have been involved in a September 1st assault upon an area handyman working on the premises of a Santa Paula apartment complex, was wanted for assault with a deadly weapon.  Nunez was suspected, according to SPPD spokesman Senior Officer Larry Johnson, of “stabbing the handyman multiple times with a screwdriver, and punching him in the head and face.”  When the report of the assault was made, investigating SPPD Officers learned that Nunez was hiding at his girlfriend’s Santa Paula apartment.

“When patrol officers arrived on scene, Nunez was inside his girlfriend’s residence and initially refused to come out,” Johnson reported to the media.  As additional Gang Unit officers arrived, a secure perimeter of the two-story house was established and officers announced their presence to the occupants inside.  It was at that point that “Nunez jumped from a second-story bedroom window” and led officers on a foot pursuit through neighboring apartment complexes.  Shortly thereafter, Nunez was located under an apartment building stairwell.  When officers ordered him to come out, Nunez ignored their suggestion until he overheard them call in a request for a K-9 unit.

At that point, realizing that a police canine would not exhibit the same kind of patience that had been shown him by the officers—and undoubtedly pondering the likelihood of personal injury at the jaws of an unfettered beast— he surrendered without further ado.  He was promptly arrested, taken into custody, and transported to Ventura County Jail for booking.

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