Surf City Riot Follows US Open of Surfing

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – By 6:00 Monday morning, the iconic intersection of Huntington Beach’s Main Street and Pacific Coast Highway was quiet beneath some coastal fog, showing few signs of Sunday night’s riots which resulted in 8 arrests, according to a Huntington Beach police report. Further up Main, however, at the HB Easyrider bike store, a boarded up window and some remaining glass on the sidewalk was evidence that a melee had definitely occurred.

Police are still seeking this man who broke the window of Easyriders Bike Shop. They have concluded it is not Illario Niko Johnson, who was listed as a possible suspect previously.

At approximately 7:16 PM, Sunday, Huntington Beach police came upon a large crowd that had gathered at Main Street and Pacific Coast Highway following the conclusion of the Van’s US Open of Surfing. Along with the surfing, the 8 day event also included concerts and skateboarding within a temporary tent city built next to the Huntington Beach pier, drawing hundreds of thousands of people.
As police attempted to disperse the crowd, a large fight broke out and people spilled up Main Street in a chaotic scramble. Several videos posted across several social media sites show people attacking and tearing out city signs, assaulting and vandalizing city vehicles – including one man throwing a brick directly into a windshield- as well as other violence and general mayhem.
Police continued to try to quell the disturbance and, along with the help of several other agencies, order was restored by approximately 9:00 PM. The 8 people arrested were booked for failure to disperse and were put in jail.
Seven of the arrested participants were identified by police:
Michael John Lytle of Anaheim, 30 years old – Disorderly Conduct and Resisting Arrest
Andres Gomez of Huntington Beach, 24 years old – Refuse to Disperse and Resisting Arrest
Michael Anthony Avila of Santa Ana, 28 years old – Resisting or Delaying a Police Officer
Joseph Monterrosa of Ontario, 28 years old – Disorderly Conduct and Resisting Arrest
Adam A Cecot of Irvine, 18 years old – Refuse to Disperse/Unlawful Assembly
Chase Scott Christman of Simi Valley, 19 years old – Vandalism (over $400), Urge Destruction of Property, Refuse to Disperse/Unlawful Assembly
Kyle Roger Crott of Riverside, 18 years old – Assault with a Deadly Weapon on a Police Officer, Resisting Arrest
In all, police say damage included the city vehicles, dumped over portable toilets, destroyed newspaper racks, broken windows and torn out street signs.

Rioters try to steal bikes from the broken window at Easyriders.

Video and pictures show that a torn out stop sign is what was hurled through the HB Easyrider bike shop’s window. The suspect who threw it is also clearly identifiable. Another man follows, pulls a bike through the shattered hole and disappears into the crowd. Others attempt to do the same but are fended off by shop employees and Huntington Beach Locals.
“We are truly humbled by the support of our community. Local HB residents put themselves in harms way to help us defend our store. Our town, our shop…. Glad the circus has finally left!!!” HBRider posted on their Facebook page regarding the incident.
Additional suspects include some who are featured and/or posted pictures and video of the events online. One such person who goes by niko_jayy50 on Instagram, along with alleged pictures of himself at the scene, wrote: “SOMEBODY HAD TO DO IT! Led the PAC hahah #riots #usopen #greatday Still Pissed that I got shot tho”
Huntington Beach police continue to seek additional suspects and ask anyone with pictures, video or other information to please call the Huntington Beach Police Department Hotline at 714 375-5066.
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