A Rare Case of Indecent Exposure; Woman Charged

DAVIS — Biking along the sidewalks of Davis is generally a routine experience. Though, not for two kids riding through Community Park in North Davis the morning of July 10. They came upon 30-year-old Wenyi Xu of Folsom wearing only a smile. Confronted with such a shockingly revealing smile, one of the kids fell off of his bicycle.

Xu (left), Bowen

Xu’s partner in this unusual case, Nicholas Bowen, 61, of Grizzly Flats, filmed the whole thing on his smart phone. But he wasn’t smart enough to avoid getting caught while apparently still engrossed in his phone.

Contacted by a witness, Davis PD officers quickly arrived and took the amateur director and actress into custody near the Davis Art Center parking lot, a DPD spokesperson said.

Bowen is a division manager with the California Department of Public Health. Xu is a researcher in his division.

Bowen was charged with “a felony count of conspiracy…as well as misdemeanor counts of lewd and obscene exhibition,” according to court records. His arraignment in Woodland Superior Court was postponed until July 16 so he could obtain the services of an attorney. Xu is similarly charged and will be arraigned August 9.
The boy who fell off his bike was apparently not injured, the witness said. He and the other bike rider disappeared before police arrived.

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