Ex-lover loses twice to cocaine

57-year-old Clyde Rick Henry faces three counts under HS 11350 (a) & HS 11550(a) for the possession and being under the influence of a controlled substance, and and PC 242-243 (e) – causing or willfully using force and violence against an individual whom he had previously dated. Henry has also been convicted of battery under a misdemeanor conviction. A plea hearing has been set for July 22nd in Dept. 64, Santa Clara County Superior Court at 9:00 am.

Clyde Rick Henry was arrested at his home on Blanding Avenue in San Jose

According to police records, the suspect went to his ex-girlfriend’s home in an intoxicated state and started an argument in a retaliatory manner, apparently in order to intimidate or control a lost relationship that had ended 16-months prior. Henry continued to challenge, intimidate and harass the victim throughout the day on May 9th of this year, and marked her new boyfriend’s vehicle with a black felt pen, leaving a negative message on the window.

When the victim had gone to the suspect’s residence to return a laptop computer, Henry reached through the car window, grasping the victim’s neck and choking her while removing the keys from the ignition. After she had tried to return the computer Henry grew even more aggressive.

But when police questioned the woman, she had stated she did not believe that she was a victim in this case. However video from the victim’s place of employment clearly had shown the suspect sitting in a vehicle lying in wait, in order to force her to return his property just days prior. During the fight he had challenged her by dumping over a marble table at her place of employment. Henry also had left tire marks as he left the parking lot.

On May 10the suspect was contacted by police at his residence, where officers had seen a white powder with lines drawn on a glass dining table. Henry was suspected of using cocaine at the time of his detainment. He told officers that he was aware of what he had done to his ex, and that he had admittedly taken her keys and vehicle by force.

Henry was then booked into the Santa Clara Main Jail without incident. In addition to the other charges, he faces counts of stalking, vandalism and grand theft auto.

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