Violent Perp Targets Ventura Massage Parlor

Ventura – A 27-year-old Los Angeles native, Tyrane Lee White, is awaiting formal arraignment charges of felony rape, felony assault and felony battery with serious bodily injury in Ventura.

Tyrane Lee White

Police responded to several calls reporting a sexual assault at the 700 block of E. Main Street.  Officers were able to piece together a violent storyline in the seaside town through statements given by the female victim, a 39-year-old Los Angeles resident, as well as from various eyewitnesses.

White allegedly entered the massage parlor and demanded money from the victim, a clerk working the front desk.  When the victim did not give the suspect money, he physically attacked her, reportedly punching her in the face and causing her to fall through an interior window.

It is alleged that White then drug the victim into a back room where he forcibly raped her and struck her in the face with a blunt instrument.

White fled the massage parlor on foot when the victim was able to free herself and escape further attack.  Shortly thereafter police apprehended White at Cemetery Park, several blocks east of the crime scene.

Tyrone Lee White has a documented history of violence against women and at the time of the incident was on parole for a 2004 felony conviction in Orange County for corporal injury on a spouse/cohabitant with deadly injury,  He was also arrested in March of 2010 in Riverside County for domestic violence  when Blythe police were called to his girlfriend’s apartment and noted various injuries to her face and body.

White is being held at Ventura County Jail and is not eligible for release as he is also facing the additional felony charge of parole violation.  His arraignment is scheduled for July 2.

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