Girlfriend Can’t Call Inmate and Makes Bomb Threat

Girlfriend Can’t Call Inmate and Makes Bomb Threat

Ventura – Details have just been released regarding Krystal Lovas, 31, a Moorpark resident who was apparently unaware of the sensitive nature of law enforcement personnel charged with the protection and safekeeping of those in their custodial care on the night of March 26th, when she made a series of phone calls to the Ventura County Jail…and threatened to blow the place up.

Lovas’ boyfriend, a recent arrival at what is officially identified as the Ventura County Sheriff’s Pre-Trial Detention Facility—but what is, in fact, a monolithic fortress with strict visitor protocols and impressive (if not intimidating) security provisions in public view—may well have not been aware of just how eager Lovas was to speak with him that evening when she made multiple phone calls to the public reception desk officers and voiced demands to speak with him.

It was during those phone calls that the female caller—only later identified as Lovas—described herself as having “individuals outside the PTDF facility ready to blow up the building if her demands were not met,” according to Ventura County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Sgt. Ron Chips.

Always working on the principles of “better safe than sorry”, all operations within the county facility were placed on immediate lockdown, with a phalanx of armed VCSD Deputies surrounding the large complex in a security perimeter sweep seeking any suspicious activity or objects that may have been planted nearby.  While this ongoing security protocol was undertaken, investigators promptly began tracing the threatening phone calls to their source and identified Lovas as the likely suspect.

With the PTFD Classification Unit working in concert with the VCSD Gang Unit, Lovas was ultimately located and contacted just hours later in the city of Oxnard, where she was taken in to custody and taken to Ventura County Jail for booking on charges of false report of a bomb with her bail set at $40,000.

With any luck, Lovas won’t need to use the phone to call her boyfriend, as a well-known method of communication within such facilities is to simply shout through the heating ducts.  Problem solved.

Photo: Courtesy Ventura County Jail Booking

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